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Effective and Affordable Educational Software for individuals with Autism and other Learning Disabilities

  • Evidence-based, direct instructional software program
  • Over 260 curriculum content programs, hundreds of motivating reinforcers, and data tracking/assessment features
  • Highly configurable, ABA based, affordable instructional tool
  • Allow independent learning for individuals with mild to severe cognitive and developmental disabilities
  • First in class tool that makes video modeling practical
  • Studies show video modeling improves acquisition rates of a wide variety of skills
  • AT extends the power of video modeling with its diverse library of videos and other activity resources.
  • AT has a growing library spanning academic, daily living, non-verbal imitation, recreational, social, and vocational activities

What Professionals are Saying about our Products.

"The first time I used the DT Trainer in my classroom, I was left speechless! This child rarely spoke, but when he heard the songs and saw the pictures... language just fell from his mouth. I had to go and get someone to view this child using this program. I was just astonished. He was inquisitive and excited... singing and laughing. I saw more language and more emotion in that one session with the DT Trainer then I had seen all year from this child. He was pleased and willing to use the DT Trainer whenever I put him on it from that point on. The DT Trainer motivates children with autism to learn. It allows these children to pick up skills without requiring the usual one-on-one attention of a teacher."

Kim Kulka, Autism Inclusion Coordinator, Cobb County School District, GA

What Parents are Saying about Accelerations.

"This is the best software we have ever seen. Our daughter wouldn't use a computer, I had purchased every program I could think of and she was not interested. I purchased the DT Trainer from Accelerations Education Software and she wants to use it all the time. It is a great program. Very impressive."

Kristye L., Parent