Company Overview

About Accelerations Educational Software

Accelerations Educational Software (AES) was founded to create effective & affordable software especially for children with autism and other learning disabilities. In particular our software is designed for individuals that need virtual one-on-one instruction. We incorporate methods from behavioral psychology so that these individuals can usually learn to use the product independently. We also use universal design principles to allow a wide range of students to benefit from our products thereby increasing the value to customers. Wide use of the software allows us to lower the cost to users.

Our target students need a lot of help so we work to create lots of content in our program and yet sell this to customers for an affordable price. Our software is truly worth much more than we charge but we do not want price to be an obstacle in helping especially those individuals with autism and other learning disabilities.

We incorporate feedback from behavioral psychologists, autism & ABA professionals, academics, teachers, speech & language pathologists, researchers, other professionals, and parents to create effective software for even very low functioning individuals.

The founder, Karl Smith, is a father of a child with autism, an engineer, and a software developer. He formed AES to focus on creating needed software and help make a difference for his son and others with learning disabilities.