AES Mission

Accelerations Educational Software makes software that is especially effective for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities. We incorporate behavioral methods that allow even very low functioning individuals to usually become independent learners. Our software was initially designed for autistic children but even most typical young children also love the program.
Our software is affordably priced. Let’s face it… the best software in the world is worthless to you if you cannot afford it. We offer a very large product for an amazingly low price.
We have free trials for parents and professionals. We want you to know that our software will help your children or students before you purchase.
Our first product, the DT Trainer, was created by our founder for his own autistic son. The product emulates therapy from behavioral psychology that has been shown to be effective with autistic children. From these beginnings, the product is now being evolved by a community of teachers, centers of excellence, autism specialists, academics, researchers, and parents.