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Autism One Radio Interview with Karl Smith
Topic: The Discrete Trial (DT) Trainer and The Activity Trainer Guest: Karl Smith, founder of Accelerations Educational Software (AES), father of a child with autism.
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Join Chantal and Karl as they discuss how and why he developed The Discrete Trail Trainer, and The Activity Trainer (based on video modeling), as well as how they are used. Karl Smith is an engineer, father of a child with autism, and founder of Accelerations Educational Software (AES). Smith has worked as a drug & alcohol counselor in the army; pursued studies in computer engineering, and psychology in graduate school. He has also has studied and researched topics in artificial intelligence.

In the late 90s, Karl Smith recognized that effective methods for teaching individuals with autism were not incorporated into educational software. AES was founded to create, distribute, and support effective and affordable educational software, especially for individuals with autism.

The Real World of Autism on Autism One Radio Host : Chantal Sicile-Kira Original Air Date: Tuesday, September 23 2008 (1:30 pm EST & 10:30 PST) http://www.autismone.org/content/autismone-radio

Autism Key Podcast
Gary Greaves Interview with AES Founder, Karl Smith
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In this 2009 interview, Mr. Smith talks about how AES was founded after his inability to find appropriate software tools for his son with autism. After getting involved with other researchers and attending numerous conferences, Smith realized that he was breaking new ground with his initial discreet trial software, which was able to put years of research into practice.

Karl Smith then used his extensive experience in artificial intelligence, linguistics and education to develop and implement the two main programs that current exist today, the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer. To date, his efforts have contributed to assisting approximately 10,000 children with autism and 20,000 children with other special needs.

In the interview, Smith also talks about future plans for product development, which includes Speech Teach, a tool used by children and their caregivers to practice their speech.

Autism Key Interview with Karl Smith of Accelerations Educational Software Autism Key Audio Length: 21:25 Recorded: November, 2009 Host: Gary Greaves of AutismKey.com