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Install the DT Trainer
Current Version (via auto-update feature): 2.7.2
Current Installer Version: 2.7.2

Check the version number that appears on the top title bar of the DT Trainer Administration program (Example). If your version is prior to 2.7.2, then you should update your copy of the DT Trainer.

Upgrading from version 2.0 and higher:
  1. Download the patch: DT Trainer 2.5.4 Patch(35 MB)
  2. Save the file to a specific location (desktop is easiest to find)
  3. Double-Click the downloaded file to launch the patch
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your DT Trainer installation
Upgrading from versions older than 2.0:
  1. The DT Trainer has very low system requirements, but if you have a really old computer check our System Requirements Page.
  2. Make sure your computer is up to date. Run Windows Update.
  3. Download and Run the DT Trainer installation.

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Registration Information

If you have a license for the DT Trainer, we strongly recommend registering immediately after installation.

Update Information

Once you have registered (or if you are running a trial installation), please update your installation using the built-in update feature.

Testing Reinforcers

After you have registered and updated your installation, and before using it with students (or practicing with the sample students), a few reinforcers need to be tested to verify the DT Trainer is ready for use.

Troubleshooting and Tutorials
Third-Party Software
Training Videos

No time to read manuals? The videos quickly get you started using the software and are especially great for people who do not feel confident about their computer skills.

DT Trainer Tools

Download DT Trainer Shortcut Creator (36KB)
This program allows you to create shortcuts fro the DT Trainer on your desktop and in your start menu. Use this if you have accidentally deleted the shortcuts that were originally created during installation.

Download the Manual Uninstaller (40KB)
This tool will remove all traces of the DT Trainer from your computer. It gives you the option to copy your student data to the desktop, so you don't lose all of the profiles that have been created.

Download Name Sound Files Tool (164KB)
We have created a new tool to make name file integration easier than ever! Download the name file installer program, then run the program and follow the instructions that are given to complete the integration process. (View List of Recorded Names)

Useful Documents
DT Trainer Teaching Methods (PDF)

The DT Trainer is becoming known as a valuable tool to help teach individuals with autism and other learning disabilities. The DT Trainer Teaching Methods cover the educational problem and effective teaching methods when performed by people and how these methods can also be performed by computers.

  • DT Trainer Quick Start Instructions (PDF)
  • DT Trainer Quick Start Features (PDF)
  • Registration Instructions v2.0.5.5+ (PDF)
  • DT Trainer Switch Support v2.0.7+ (PDF)
  • DT Trainer Test/Assessment Feature (PDF)