Autism Links

Books, Materials & Other Products
  • I need help.R Communication Bracelets: The bracelets are a constant visual aid that say I need help.R on one side and on the reverse side they have universal icons for the bracelet wearer to be independent (in control of their own behavior) by pointing to and expressing their 7 Feelings.
  • Mindscape Productions: Lecia Macryn, an autism spectrum parent and professional audio producer, has created an informational audio CD to help understand autism and individuals in the autism spectrum. This is an inexpensive resource for newly diagnosed families or teachers
  • ABA Materials (Australia): ABA Materials offers products to assist ABA programs. This company was founded by parents of a child with autism to help make necessary materials more available to parents of children with autism.
  • Different Roads to Learning: DRL offers books, materials, and software for the autism spectrum. The company was founded by an autism spectrum parent to provide resources for parents and educators working with autistic children.
ABA Resource Links
List Serves
  • Verbal Behavior Yahoo Group: Group that covers Verbal Behavior (VB) style of ABA. A group that covers the Verbal Behavior (VB) style of ABA. You will need to join yahoo groups to get access. Join and then search for VerbalBehavior.
  • DTT-NET Yahoo Group: A group that covers the Verbal Behavior (VB) style of ABA. You will need to join yahoo groups to get access. Join and then search for DTT-NET.
Radio News Show
  • Disability News Radio: Disability News and Views Radio Show with Monica Moshenko A news radio show in the Buffalo – Toronto – Western New York – Northern Pennsylvania area dedicated to information and advocacy on issues related to individuals with disabilities.
Online Resources
  • Autism Concepts: Autism Concepts is a great place for parents and caregivers raising children with autism. This family run site shares hundreds of credible pages on autism-related information, treatment, resources and tips from parents and caregivers of children.
Support Organizations
  • COSAC – Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community: COSAC provides information and advocacy, services, family and professional education, and consultation to New Jersey’s autism community.
  • FEAT: Families for Early Autism Treatment: FEAT is a family support group focusing on effective autism treatment (education) options for families. The group provides information and support for families to receive or run intensive behavioral intervention / applied behavioral analysis services.
  • ASA: Autism Society of America: The ASA provides information, support, conferences, and advocacy related to Autism. There is the national organization, and there are state chapters and also local chapters.