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Install the Activity Trainer
Current Version: 1.5.3


Click the link below to download the patch. Only download the patch if you already have a previous version of Activity Trainer installed on your computer:

You will need administrative privileges on your computer to install the patch.

After Downloading, locate the downloaded file on your computer, and double-click the file to launch the patch. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your Activity Trainer installation.


Download Installation: please enter your email address.


Training Videos:

No time to read manuals? The videos quickly get you started using the software and are especially great for people who do not feel confident about their computer skills.

Troubleshooting the Activity Trainer:

Most problems with the Activity Trainer originate from third-party software. Please make sure you have the following installed.

If the Activity Trainer will not open, and you have both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the Java Runtime Environment installed, download and run the following file: Locate your Activity Trainer installation folder and click the "OK" button to extract the patch into your installation.

Updates Report Tool

The following tool displays new and updated activities that have been released after the expiration of your updates and support agreement.

Activity Trainer Downloads:

Download Help Videos (53MB)
This self extracting zip file contains the help video presentation. Right click the above link and save the ".exe" file to your hard drive.

Download the Manual Uninstaller (37KB)
This tool will remove all traces of the Activity Trainer from your computer. It gives you the option to copy your student data to the desktop, so you don't lose all of the profiles that have been created.