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AES is committed to creating effective, low cost products for children with autism and/or other learning disabilities. To help keep promotional costs low, we heavily rely on word-of-mouth and advocates to inform families, school districts, and others involved with the children we serve. We appreciate your efforts to spread the word. Below are resources to assist your efforts. Thanks!

DT Trainer Presentation Licenses

If you need a DT Trainer license so that you can demonstrate our software, we will provide you one for free. Just contact AES. The license is restricted to demonstration purposes and is not for direct instruction of students.

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The DT Trainer is an inexpensive and highly adaptive tool to help teach children with autism and other learning disabilities some of the vast amount of information that we need them to know. The software complements your other teaching efforts by providing lead teaching, maintenance, generalization, or just extra practice.

The product covers receptive language, early academics, and life skills in the developmental range of 2 to 9 years old. This is a large package of hundreds of content programs and yet it is not expensive. You can order a trial of the DT Trainer from our web site.

To find out more about the DT Trainer, please visit our website at

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