Join the Team

AES is growing it’s team to create, sell, and support effective and affordable tools to help educate individuals with autism and other learning disabilities.

Software developer(s):
  • Experience in Adobe AIR platform using Actionscript and Flex. Experience with SQLite is a plus.
  • Experience in Java, ASP, Flash, and C++.
Sales / Support Rep(s):

    Position requires phone work, emailing, travel, presenting, and exhibiting to sell and support our educational software. Looking for individuals for the Columbia SC office as well as high population regions around the country. Strong candidates will have:

    • Special education teaching experience
    • Experience teaching moderate to severe individuals with autism and other learning disabilities
    • Knowledgeable about autism
    • Experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) methods
    • Familiar with the principles behind the range of teaching methods associated with autism
    • Very comfortable with computers and technology
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Outgoing, and loves to talk with people
    • Works well with kids and adults
    • Excellent at presentations and teaching educators
    • Well organized, self starting, ethical, mission oriented, dependable, and responsible
    • Able to handle the physical requirements of travel and setting up conference exhibits including lifting up to 50 pounds.
    • Comfortable traveling and working alone or with a team
    • Driven to make a difference
    • Understands the potential of properly designed and affordable technology in being a key part to address the educational needs of the explosion of autism

    If you are interested in one of these positions, please email your resume to