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Shoe Tying 1

Shoe Tying – SL – OF – V1:
Shoe Tying – Single Loop – Off Foot – Version 1

Activity App®:

Accelerations Educational Software (AES):

The Activity Trainer Activity App® can help a student learn an activity (skill) faster. The increased learning rate can be from modest to dramatic, or even enabling. The student watches a video model of the whole activity or segment of the activity and mimics the video. The facilitator is a teacher, parent, or other person that is helping the student learn the skill. The facilitator controls the Activity App® and uses various prompt and prompt fading techniques so that the learner is successful. The student is transitioned to independence on each segment and ultimately on the complete activity.

The Activity App® can display an activity in a number of different ways for different teaching methods, teaching purposes, and levels of students. You can play or show the full video, individual steps of an activity, transitions from video to image, images corresponding to individual steps, sequences of steps as videos or images, and even transitions from images to text.

The Activity App® combines video, images, audio, and text media to present the materials in a variety of ways for different educational purposes. The environment supports task analysis (breaking down a task into steps), and sequences (playing individual steps in succession), transitions from video to image (images can be printed for cueing and visual schedules), and transitions from image to text (work on reading comprehension). Audio instructions are also paired with the video, image, or text to help build an instructional or a self-talk language model for the activity.

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