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Tutorials – DT Trainer – Video Problems

Problems with Playing Video on the DT Trainer

A majority of video problems with the DT Trainer can be quickly solved by installing the VLC player. Please follow the directions below to install the VLC player.

  1. Download and run the following file on your DT Trainer computer: DT Trainer – VLC Player
  2. Make sure that your DT Trainer installation path appears in the “Extract To” field.
    • If you have a 32 bit system the install path will be “C:/program files/DT Trainer” (which is the selection by default)
    • If you have a 64 bit system the install path will be “C:/program files (x86)/DT Trainer” (Remember this Step!!)
  3. Click the “Extract” button.
  4. Try previewing a video reinforcer.

If this does not work please double check the install path of the VLC player. It must direct to the location of your DT Trainer installation. Contact us if you have any problems or questions: