6 New DT Trainer Content Programs

We have 6 new DT Trainer content programs ready for download and more are nearing completion. Below is a list of the currently available new content programs. If you have requests for other new programs, please contact lchapman@dttrainer.com.

Make sure you can get the new DT Trainer Content Programs!

In order to download these new updates via your DT Trainer auto updates you need an active updates & support agreement. You will have an active U&S agreement if you purchased the DT Trainer or a continuation bundle within the past year.

For more information or if you need a quote for additional licenses, a site license, or another year of updates & support for your school district or institution, email sales@dttrainer.com.

Home users can get more information and can purchase DT Trainer Home Bundle or DT Trainer Home Continuation Bundle by visiting our on line store at www.dttrainer.com or calling 803-403-1336.

Language Building (Grades K-3)

Identical matching programs insure the student understands the distinguishing features of a picture. If a student is failing to learn identification, counting, or other relationships, then back down or start with matching programs.

Match-Clothing1 NI

Non-identical matching programs insure the student is generalizing a concept across multiple images.


Identifying photographs of clothes with multiple random exemplars

Match-Clothing1FromWords and Match-Clothing1ToWords

Matching between images and written words is a basic reading comprehension skill.


Recognition of similar attributes and selecting the images that belong in the same category.

We appreciate your business and support in our mission to make a difference for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities.

Best wishes,
-Karl Smith
Founder of Accelerations Educational Software

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