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DT Trainer / Activity Trainer Announcements & Webinar Training Schedule

Happy New Year!

*** We hope you had a nice holiday break with friends and family and will have much success in your efforts this next year to help your special students and children. ***

Happy Birthday DT Trainer!

The DT Trainer is now 15 years old, has come a long way over that time and has already helped hundreds of thousands of students and children. We are far from done with the DT Trainer and the Activity Trainer. We are looking forward to releasing significant upgrades to our products this year starting with a DT Trainer update in the next week or two. Stay tuned!

More Customer Comments

  • “love DT Trainer… thanks for creating it”!
  • “You have provided an outstanding product for a ridiculously low price.”
  • “I have seen incredible improvements in my verbal and nonverbal students.”
  • “My teachers and therapists absolutely love DT Trainer!”
  • “I think that this is a great way to get even more hours of ABA a week.”
  • “…this is a really beneficial and appropriate program for students with autism and other attention/learning disorders.”

DT Trainer Tips

  • Take a few minutes to look at the student data for the class and each student.
  • View the System and Student level Trend reports. Use the radio buttons to change the viewed data on reports.
    • Use the System level report to determine for which students you need to take a closer look at with the Student level report.
    • Look for consistency of use by each student… ~ 15 to 20 minutes per day.
    • Look for learning issues by comparing % Correct data between the Train, Random, and Maintenance Mode trials.
    • For newer students on the DT Trainer, check the Prompt Analysis section of the Student Trend – Statistics report for any issues..
      • Prompted trials should have very high % Correct rates.
        • Look for students not understanding prompt (low % Correct rates).
      • Unprompted trials should have ~ 75-90 % Correct rates.
        • Look for students not learning programs (low % Correct rates). Check the Trials data and the Trial Results Report to determine if problems are with specific content programs or across programs.
  • View the “Train States” report.
    • Print report to get a mid-year snapshot of what the student has learned, is learning, and will learn (include the “Untrained” items).
    • Make sure student does not have too many programs active. Deactivate (toggle active) some programs if necessary in student programs list.
    • Look for programs where items are not advancing well. Student may need a prerequisite content program or other skills.
    • Look for not very many items in the “Untrained” state. You may need to add or active more programs.
  • Please contact us if you need any help or guidance in getting the most out of your DT Trainer and Activity Trainer licenses.

Webinar Schedule for the next few weeks
Here are the upcoming Training Webinars. Please forward to others as appropriate. If another time, day of week, or date would better accommodate your needs, please let us know. We can also schedule a training webinar for your in-service or other staff training. Look online for future training dates.

*** All times are Eastern Time Zone ***

  • Wed        1/14    3:00 PM           DT Trainer   (1.5 Hours)
  • Tue          1/20    3:00 PM           Video Modeling & Activity Trainer   (1.5 Hours)
  • Mon        1/26    3:00 PM           DT Trainer   (1.5 Hours)
  • Tue          2/3      3:00 PM           Video Modeling & Activity Trainer   (1.5 Hours)

The training is by Karl Smith, creator of the DT Trainer & Activity Trainer, founder of Accelerations Educational Software, and parent of a child with autism. Receive a Certificate of Completion & Continuing Education Clock Hours.

Registration Instructions: AES webinars require registration prior to the scheduled start time. Please do the following to sign up:

  1. Click the following link to visit the training page: www.dttrainer.com/training.
  2. Click on "Web Based Training".
  3. Select the "Weekly" or "Monthly" tab if you need to view future webinars.
  4. Once you have found the webinar you wish to attend, click the "Register" link to the right of the webinar’s name.
  5. Enter your information into the fields provided, then click "Register Now".
  6. You should receive a confirmation email with instructions on joining the session.
  7. The sessions usually open about 15 minutes early. Please join before start time.

To schedule a training webinar for your staff, team, or parent group by contacting Karl Smith (ksmith@dttrainer.com or 803.233.0541).

Attend a training! We look forward to seeing you!

Accelerations Educational Software


For more information on our products, please visit our web site www.DTTrainer.com. There are also free 30 day trials of each product.

Thanks for your support and for spreading the word! Thanks to you, we are now in over 1100 school districts, hundreds of private schools and programs, and thousands of homes!

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