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Troubleshooting – DT Trainer – Error Messages

I’m getting an error message regarding the DTT information file.

There are generally three scenarios that cause this error message to be displayed, all of which center around a file that should exist within your main DT Trainer installation folder, titled “DTTrainer.dat”. The three scenarios are:

  1. This file does not exist.
  2. The file has become corrupted.
  3. Your computer security settings are such that you are unable to edit the file.

The most likely of these scenarios is the third. If you attempt to run the DT Trainer while logged in under an account that does not have administrative privileges, then you may not have write access to the DT Trainer installation folder. You must have write access in order to run the DT Trainer.

You can check whether or not this is the problem by attempting to rename the “DTTrainer.dat” file. This file will be located in the root DT Trainer folder (this is “C:\Program Files\DT Trainer” by default). If you cannot rename the file, then you need to change your computer’s security settings. If you can rename the file, then the file may be corrupted. In order to grant yourself write access to the DT Trainer folder, you can do one of two things. Your first option is to download the latest patch from our updates page and run it on your system while logged on with administrative privileges. If you do not have access to an account with administrative privileges, then you will need to contact your IT department to make this change for you. During the patch, be sure to select the option to install the DT Trainer for all users. This will make the necessary security changes for you. Even if you already are running the most recent version of the program, you can still re-apply the patch to make these changes.

Or, if you would prefer, you can complete the following steps to make the changes manually. Please note again that you must be logged on with administrative privileges in order to successfully make these changes:

  1. Open the “Folder Options” from your control panel, and click on the “View” tab.
  2. Under “Advanced Settings”, scroll down to the bottom of the list and uncheck “Use simple file sharing”. You can now close the folder options window.
  3. Next, navigate to the parent folder of your DT Trainer installation. For example, if you installed the DT Trainer to “C:\Program Files\DT Trainer”, navigate to “C:\Program Files”.
  4. Right-click on the DT Trainer folder, and click “Properties”. Next click the “Security” tab.
  5. Click the “Add” button, and type the name of the account that needs to access the DT Trainer. Click “Check Names” to ensure that the correct account will be added, then click “OK” (note: if you need to allow access for all accounts on the computer, or if you don’t know the name of the account that needs access, enter “Everyone” as the account name).
  6. In the “Group or user names:” list, click the name of the account whose permissions you are changing, then give it full access to the folder by clicking on the “Full Access” check box under the “Allow” column.
I’m getting an error message regarding the student information file

This error is generally caused when the “sequence.dat” or “student.dat” file for a particular student has either been corrupted or deleted. If you receive this error, go to your DT trainer administration and click on the “Common Administration” tab, then click “Maintenance Tools”. From this new window, click on the “Support” tab. Here you may contact us about the error, and send the student data you are having trouble accessing. We can then analyze your student’s profile, and determine whether or not the data is recoverable.

I’m getting an error message regarding the DTT training log.

This error is often caused by starting training sessions from within the DT Trainer administration program. For this and other reasons, we recommend that you begin all training sessions by double-clicking on the icon of the student you wish to train (this icon is placed in the “DTT Students” folder on the hard drive where the DT Trainer is installed, and can be accessed by double-clicking on the “DT Trainer Students” icon that is created on your desktop). The option to train from within the DT Trainer administration program should only be used under certain circumstances, such as when you wish to preview the training of a particular program in a certain train state.

You should be able to resolve the training log error by deleting the most recent log file for your student’s profile. To do this, locate your DT Trainer installation folder (this is “C:\Program Files\DT Trainer” by default). Next, open the “Students” folder, then open the folder for the student that is encountering this error. You should now see a “Logs” folder; open this, and delete the file with the most recent date in its name.

I’m getting an error message regarding ‘CTrialDistractor’

This problem should be resolved as of version 2.1.1 of the DT Trainer. Please launch your DT Trainer administration program, and check the top title bar of the program to see which version you are running. If your version is prior to 2.1.1, please download the patch from our updates page and upgrade your installation.

If you have version 2.1.1 already installed, you may still download the patch from our site. When you run the patch, it will inform you that you have already updated to version 2.1, and will ask if you wish to reapply the patch. Please answer yes to this question in order to allow the patch to continue.