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Troubleshooting – DT Trainer – Registration Troubleshooting

When I try to register I get…

Error 12

This error is caused when the authorization code entered during registration cannot be found in our database. This is generally due to a transcription error such as an extra space, missing dash, etc. Double check to ensure that your code was entered correctly and in the following format, “AES-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx” (where each ‘x’ is a number).

Error 13

Your authorization code has already been registered. If you need to re-register (for example, if your computer has crashed and you need to reinstall the DT Trainer), please contact AES to make your license available for re-registration.

Error 400

The HTTP error 400, bad request, means that the Web server received a request that it could not process, either because it is not configured to do so, or because it expects certain headers or parameters in the request that are not present. If you receive this error, contact AES support at (803)403-1336 or

Error 407

Your proxy server is unable to authenticate your request. Please either check with your network administrator to obtain your proxy settings or call AES at (803)403-1336 to complete your registration over the phone.

Error 500

This usually means the server has encountered an internal error. If you receive this error, please try to register again after a few minutes. If the problem persists, contact AES support at (803)403-1336 or

Error 12152

This is often a temporary problem caused by network traffic. Please be sure that you have updated your installation to the most recent version, and then try to register again. You can download updates for the DT Trainer from our updates page.

A “no internet connection” error

If you receive a message during registration that tells you no internet connection can be found though you do have a connection, it is likely that your firewall is blocking the program. If it is not possible to change your firewall settings, contact AES support at (803)403-1336 or