AES Announces a Change and Expansion in Senior Tech Support Staff

AES, the maker of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer, announces a change and expansion of our senior tech support staff and an expansion of our live support hours now 7AM to 7PM EST.

For the last 7 years, Chris Jones has been the backbone of AES tech support staff. We have always had great feedback from our customers on the quality of service Chris provided. Chris is transitioning from full time for AES to a part time consultant so that he can start law school. Like many of our customers, we love Chris and will miss him being around every day, but look forward to his involvement in the continued growth and development of AES.

AES has hired two senior tech support staff to support our growing customer base. We are pleased to introduce Richard Rathburn and Donny Grover to cover tier 2 and 3 tech support issues. Richard and Donny are seasoned in the IT industry and have been working with Chris over the last couple of months in this transition period.

Richard and Donny bring a range of skills to not only support a growing customer base, but also advancements in our web site, web services, data bases, social media, product development, testing, and other tasks related to continue improving our products and services for our customers.

The expansion of our senior tech support staff will allow AES to more quickly develop our capabilities and increase our delivery of new content, features, and new products to better address the range of learning needs of individuals with autism and other learning disabilities and the people that educate and support them.

Even though Chris is no longer available for direct customer support, Richard and Donny will provide a longer period over the work day to increase availability of live support and rapid response for emails support for our east to west coast customers.

With the overlap period of Chris with Richard and Donny, we have been able to get a head start on some new ways of helping our customers.

The first improvement is that we have implemented a new support ticketing system located at This new system will allow you to submit a support ticket, check the status of your support issue, and also help us speed up response times. We are continuing to support requests and questions sent to, but the preferred method is the new ticketing system. Should you need to call, please feel free to ask to speak with Richard or Donny for your tech support needs related to our products.

There will be more announcements shortly.

Thank you for your support.

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