Autism Software Company Impacts Over 1,000 School Districts

Autism Software Company in 1000+ School Districts

Columbia, SC – Accelerations Educational Software (AES), a developer of software programs for children with autism and other learning disorders, is pleased to announce its expansion into over 1,000 public school districts nationwide. AES has also been able to provide its autism software to nearly 300 private schools, thousands of homes and several foreign markets.

“Reaching one thousand school districts is an important milestone for us,” says Karl Smith, founder of AES and a father of child with autism.

“More and more schools are recognizing the value of our software, which provides at least ten times the amount of content compared to the cost of typical pricing. This enables us to place our products in the hands of a lot more schools and families,” he adds.

With its two flagship products, The Discrete Trial (DT) Trainer and Activity Trainer, Accelerations Educational Software offers evidence-based instruction and video modeling programs for individuals developmentally aged between 2 to 9 years old.

The DT Trainer is based on ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) teaching and allows even low functioning students to be independent learners for at least some of what they need to know.

The Activity Trainer is an interactive video modeling program that teaches academic, daily living, recreation, communication, and social skills.

With the near collapse of the US economy, passing the 1,000 school district mark would not have been possible without the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which provided funding and stimulus money for schools across the country. This allowed more schools to acquire Accelerations Educational Software’s products for their teachers and students.

AES continues to grow and is preparing to help more school districts take advantage of its programs.

“In these tight economic times, our products help school districts maintain or improve instruction with the leveraging of technology for pennies on the educational dollar,” says Smith.

“We have a goal to be in 9,000 school districts within the next three years. With autism rates continuing to climb, these types of educational tools are vital for parents, teachers and caregivers.”

For more information, including free 30 day trials of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer programs, visit or call 803-403-1336.

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