Maintenance and Generalization Over the Summer!

During the summer months, it is extremely important for parents to continue working on academic skills with their student in order to keep up with what they have learned throughout the school year.

Many students do not get enough academic support during the summer months. As a result, many of the skills that the student had mastered are forgotten by the time they get back into the classroom in the fall. In order to keep up with these mastered skills, the student needs continuous practice. Using the DT Trainer during the summer months will help keep these skills mastered. Repetition is the key for students to master skills and keep them sharp.

Not only will the DT Trainer keep the student’s skills sharp, but it will also advance other academic skills by the time school starts in the fall. When the student works on this program, the focus will be on progress and not regression.

Print out a list of the student’s currently mastered items from the DT Trainer. Send the list home to parents, for further practice, maintenance, and generalization of items in the natural environment.

Parents that have the DT Trainer at home:
Save the students DT Trainer data onto a zip drive. Parents can then install the DT Trainer at home and restore data in order for the student to continue working on their DT Trainer programs over the summer.

For parents that do not have the DT Trainer at home, download our free 30-day trial for your student(s) to use on your home computer.
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