The end of the school year is almost here! Don’t forget to back-up student’s data.

Reasons for backing-up DT Trainer student data:

Student transitioning to a new classroom in the fall?
Student data can be saved to a network drive or other media and transferred to DT Trainer installation located in their new classroom.

Computer upgrades and maintenance over the summer?
Sometimes school districts re-image computers over the summer. Make sure you back up the student data to a network drive.

Students in Extended Year Services?
Backup and restore for summer time use and then you can restore data before the new school year starts.

Instructions to back-up and restore student data/ Backing up student profiles:
  1. Launch the DT Trainer administration program.
  2. Select the “Common Administration” tab.
  3. Click the “Maintenance Tools” button.
  4. Click the “Set Location” button, and choose your backup location (we recommend using a network drive).
  5. For each profile you would like to move, select it in the list (or select all) and click the “Backup” button.
Restoring the profiles on the new installation:
  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above.
  2. Click the “Set Location” button, and choose the location where you previously backed up the student profiles.
  3. Select the profiles you are moving from the list at the bottom of the window, and click the “Restore” button.
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