3 New Reinforcers + 5 New Updates for the DT Trainer

The Arts and Graphics category is a popular choice and can benefit a wide variety of individuals, from the early to advanced learners. The new Image Building Shape Trails reinforcer, includes a variety of shapes to choose from. Once you select a shape, you drag it around the screen, leaving a colorful trail. Multiple shapes can be selected and added to the image within allotted time.
The Eye Hand activities are not only entertaining but are also skill builders, promoting basic eye-hand coordination. The new Balloon Pop reinforcer improves eye-hand skills by asking you to shoot as many moving balloons as you can within 10 seconds. When you click or touch a balloon, it makes a pop sound & disappears. At the end of ten seconds, it will tell you how many balloons you hit.
The Music reinforcers provide auditory stimulation. With the new Drum Kit reinforcer, you can make various drum and symbol sounds by touching or clicking the mouse on the individual drum heads.
5 Updated Reinforcers
Additionally, 5 reinforcers have been updated with fun new images and effects. The Image Building activities, Flowerbed, Plant-A-Garden, and The Desert have all new artwork, as well as the Basic Cause Effect reinforcer Kaleidoscope. The Intermediate Cause Effect reinforcer Alien Invaders has all new artwork in addition to updated and easier to use key controls. Select the check for updates from the DT Trainer. You will need to be in your update and support period to download the updates. If your updates and support has expired, contact AES for a quote for a Continuation Bundle giving you another year of updates and support.
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