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Powertools for Autism and Other Learning Disabilities

Announcements… Upcoming Events and Releases!


  • CURRENT VERSION Make sure you have the latest and greatest features to enhance student learning!
  • If you still have old versions of the DT Trainer or Activity Trainer, they will not run on Windows 7 or 8 . To refresh licenses or to use the programs in additional self-contained classrooms, email for a quote.
  • Please contact us if you need any help or guidance in getting the most out of your DT Trainer and Activity Trainer licenses.
  • IMMINENTLY AVAILABLE… New DT Trainer Self-Paced Training Videos! Designed to be BETTER than live webinars!
  • COMING SOON… New Report -> Student Configuration & Status!

COME SEE US at Closing The Gap… Booth # 313!

We will be exhibiting at the 33rd Annual Conference October 14th-16th in Minneapolis, MN.

See below ad for more information on conference.


  • To contact us:     Phone: 803-403-1336     FAX: 803-403-1337

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