Welcome Back – Run Available Updates!

Powertools for Autism and Other Learning Disabilities

Welcome Back! We hope you had a GREAT summer!

Some TIPS to get you started…

  • RUN YOUR UPDATES: Depending on your settings, the DT Trainer will ask you to check for updates periodically when you launch the administration. If you have not done this in a while, you should also check for updates under the Common Administration, Maintenance Tools. In the updates tab, select the top radio button to see all the updates not already installed on the computer and install.
  • CURRENT VERSION More releases over the summer! Make sure you have the latest and greatest features to enhance student learning!
  • As long as you have current Updates and Support on your license(s), new installations or reinstallations should be done from www.dttrainer.com -> Support -> DT Trainer Support… Or click here: www.dttrainer.com/support/dttrainer/ This is our latest installation image. If you do not have current Updates and Support for your license(s), email us for a quote.
  • If you need to move licenses, Authorization Codes need to be released to reregister . You can use the Unregister button to make licenses available for reregistration. If the computers were reimaged or unusable, you need to email us the codes so that we can release them for reregistration. Email support@dttrainer.com
  • Reminder: If you still have old versions of the DT Trainer or Activity Trainer, they will not run on Windows 7 or 8 . Email us for a quote to update old licenses.
  • Email us for a quote if you would like to use the programs in additional self-contained classrooms, developmentally between the ages of 2 and 9.
  • Please contact us if you need any help or guidance in getting the most out of your DT Trainer and Activity Trainer licenses.
  • COMING SOON… New Report -> Student Configuration & Status!

Training Available…

Schedule a training webinar for your staff, team, or parent group by contacting us at support@dttrainer.com or 803-403-1336.

COMING SOON… New DT Trainer Self-Paced Training Videos! Designed to be BETTER than live webinars!

  • To contact us:     Phone: 803-403-1336     FAX: 803-403-1337

Schedule a training webinar for your staff, team, or parent group by contacting us (support@dttrainer.com or 803.403.1336).

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