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Products – DT Trainer – System Requirements

DT Trainer is compatible with the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 8, 10, & 11

The hardware minimum requirements are:

IBM compatible PC
1.5 GB available hard drive space
Multimedia system with good audio
At least 1GB of RAM

Required third-party software:

Java Runtime

Related Notes:

Various components affect overall system performance. You may need to judge acceptable performance for your students and their tolerance for system delays. Certain higher level graphics programs and reinforcers may require a faster processor (~1GHz), such as the “SkipCounting By…” programs and “CtsTo..Coins” programs, as well as reinforcers such as “Super Blinky”.

A 15″ or 17″ monitor is recommended if you need a touch screen (touch screens for 17″ monitors are more expensive than 15″, and 21″ touch screens cost significantly more).

Need to Buy a New Computer?

If you need to purchase a computer you will not need to buy a very high powered system using today’s standards. In fact the lower end of systems will run the reinforcers quite well. Lower end systems today should cost from $400 to $600 depending on the monitor.

Get a Used Computer

If you do not currently have budget for a new computer, then you may want to look for a donated used computer. Businesses and families are upgrading their systems to the new 2 – 3 Giga Hertz (really fast) range and getting rid of their old sub 1 Giga Hertz computers. A system with a 600 Mega Hertz processor will run the reinforcers pretty well. Check with local businesses or even with parents for a donation of their old computers.

Need a Touch Screen?

A touch screen is an important input device for young or low functioning children that can not use a mouse. If a child is not mouse capable, and does not need a switch, then get a touch screen. The touch screen is a much more intuitive device for these children and sometimes low functioning adults.

We recommend the touch screens from KeyTec. Their touch screens are mechanically superior to other brands in that they velcro from both the top and the front so that they do not move around or fall off. KeyTec’s pricing is also relatively attractive compared to other brands. Go to and then look under “Product” and then “Add-On Kits”. You can buy them directly from KeyTec or go to their “Where To Buy” section for resellers offering a discount.

The cost of an add-on touch screen is largely a function of size. There are significant differences in the cost of the 14″-15″ to the 16″-17″ and the 19″-21″ touch screens. If you are price sensitive, you may be better off getting the 15″ monitor. Unfortunately, the 15″ monitors are becoming less available and the 17″ are taking over. Eventually this should help drive down the cost of the 17″ add-on kits. For now you will have to look at the trade offs before making a decision.