Archiving Data for Summer Break!

Powertools for Autism and Other Learning Disabilities

DT Trainer / Activity Trainer EOY Special & Student Backup

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Backup the Student Data before Summer Break!

Your IT department may wipe and reimage your computers over the summer. They may even swap them out. Make sure you backup your student data after the last student use of the school year.

  • Note: Run updates before backup to ensure you have all the latest features and that student configurations reflect the latest advancements. The current DT Trainer version is
SUV Ready for Trip
    Depending on configuration, you may be prompted to backup upon exiting the DT Trainer Administration. If so, click Yes.
SUV Ready for Trip
    If you have set the backup location, simply click Yes to backup.
SUV Ready for Trip
    Otherwise, you will need to select or change the backup location.
SUV Ready for Trip
    The DT Trainer will provide feedback while backing up the student data.
SUV Ready for Trip
    If you are not prompted to backup the student data, the Basic Backup / Restore Tab is accessed from the Maintenance Tools button under the Common Administration of the DT Trainer. Simply verify or set the location, then click the Backup button.
SUV Ready for Trip
    Backups initiated here offer more options for handling previous backups. The prompted (streamlined) backup upon exit is set to overwrite the last backup. Using this manual backup the default is also to overwrite. If you prefer multiple backup versions for each student, you must use either multiple folders or use the Auto-Gen or manual Rename buttons shown here.
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