End-of-Year Special and Report Emailer

Powertools for Autism and Other Learning Disabilities

DT Trainer / Activity Trainer EOY Special and Report Emailer

Upgrading our Phone System and Changing Providers

  • We are transitioning our phone and fax systems! To phone or fax, please use the following numbers for now:     Phone: 803-403-1336     FAX: 803-403-1337

End of School Year Specials through June 30th! Contact us for details!

  • Phone:     803-403-1336
  • Email:      Sales@dttrainer.com

Report Emailer

Our newest release (DT Trainer includes the Report Emailer. From most reports, use the default report or configure a report, and then click the Email button. You will see the Report Emailer dialog.

  • If you have already configured the Recipient List and the Mail Settings, simply click the Send button and voilà you are done!
SUV Ready for Trip
  • Soon you will start seeing the “Help Video” buttons (like shown above) on dialogs to help you more quickly learn existing and new features of the DT Trainer.
  • There are hover help and popup messages to guide you through setup and use of the Report Emailer.
  • The sender is by default the first recipient so the sender will get a copy of the email sent to others.
  • To add a recipient, click the “Add Recipient” button and enter the name, title, and email address.
  • To delete a recipient, click the “Delete Recipient” button.
  • You can select or not select recipients to send to using the check boxes.
  • If you are not going to send now, click “Save Changes” to save any changes to the recipient list.
  • Before sending, you will need to configure the Report Emailer by clicking the “Mail Settings” button. There is even a “Web Help” button to help you get setup.
  • Click “Cancel” if you do not want to send at the time.

Webinars – Call or email us to schedule Training or Consultations

Schedule a training webinar for your staff, team, or parent group by contacting us (support@dttrainer.com or 803.403.1336).

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