AES Releases Activity Trainer 1.4 and 12 New Activities: Video Modeling for Autism

Activity Trainer Software Update

Activity Trainer 1.4 mostly contains some bug fixes and better support for Windows 7 and 64 bit computers. There were registration and launch problems under certain circumstances.

This update is a major software change that requires Administrative Privileges.

Users with current installations can go directly to the following link and download the patch or can update through the auto update feature in the Activity Trainer which will direct them to the patch.

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Summer Break is here! It is a great opportunity to maintain and improve skills!

Many students with autism and other learning disabilities will not receive year around services and will need a powerful environment to maintain and continue learning skills. Video modeling has been shown in numerous studies to improve acquisition rates across a wide variety of tasks for these students. The Activity Trainer (AT) has many activities that relate to academic, daily living, recreation, and social.

The summer is a great opportunity for children with autism and other learning disabilities to interact with other children, play outdoors, or play sports. There are a variety of activities in the AT to support these interactions, and parents and teachers can customize the AT by adapting our activities or creating their own activities to meet the needs of a specific student. There is even a computer based visual schedule to help students independently complete learned skills and activity images can be printed to be used off the computer for activity cuing or visual schedules. Students can learn to, use a knife and fork, tie their shoes, play with a ball, do a high-five, or about 300 other activities!

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Maintenance and Generalization Over the Summer!

During the summer months, it is extremely important for parents to continue working on academic skills with their student in order to keep up with what they have learned throughout the school year.

Many students do not get enough academic support during the summer months. As a result, many of the skills that the student had mastered are forgotten by the time they get back into the classroom in the fall. In order to keep up with these mastered skills, the student needs continuous practice. Using the DT Trainer during the summer months will help keep these skills mastered. Repetition is the key for students to master skills and keep them sharp.

Not only will the DT Trainer keep the student’s skills sharp, but it will also advance other academic skills by the time school starts in the fall. When the student works on this program, the focus will be on progress and not regression.

Print out a list of the student’s currently mastered items from the DT Trainer. Send the list home to parents, for further practice, maintenance, and generalization of items in the natural environment.

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The end of the school year is almost here! Don’t forget to back-up student’s data.

Reasons for backing-up DT Trainer student data:

Student transitioning to a new classroom in the fall?
Student data can be saved to a network drive or other media and transferred to DT Trainer installation located in their new classroom.

Computer upgrades and maintenance over the summer?
Sometimes school districts re-image computers over the summer. Make sure you back up the student data to a network drive.

Students in Extended Year Services?
Backup and restore for summer time use and then you can restore data before the new school year starts.

Instructions to back-up and restore student data/ Backing up student profiles:
  1. Launch the DT Trainer administration program.
  2. Select the “Common Administration” tab.
  3. Click the “Maintenance Tools” button.
  4. Click the “Set Location” button, and choose your backup location (we recommend using a network drive).
  5. For each profile you would like to move, select it in the list (or select all) and click the “Backup” button.
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DT Trainer / Activity Trainer 1st year of updates and support

In response to our 20% sale today, we had a customer asking if they can purchase now and then activate the products in August.  Yes!  The DT Trainer and Activity Trainer licenses come with one year of updates and support that start when each license is registered.  So you can purchase now for future deployments like next school year.  Call or email us if you have questions or need a quote.
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5 New Emotions Programs for the DT Trainer

Our new emotions programs contain the following: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, sleepy, sick, tired, mad, and afraid. There are 3 actors displaying all 10 emotions. Confusable emotions are excluded as distractors as appropriate. The 5 programs cover identification, Identical Matching, Non-identical Matching, Images from Words, and Images to Words. The programs not only build emotion awareness, but also establish the words associated with the emotions.

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DT Trainer & Activity Trainer FREE Live Online Training Classes

*** All times are Eastern Time Zone ***

  • Mon.  04/04 4:00pm DT Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Wed.  04/06 4:00pm Activity Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Tues. 04/12 4:00pm DT Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Thur. 04/14 4:00pm Activity Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Tues. 05/03 4:00pm DT Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Thur. 05/05 4:00pm Activity Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Wed.  05/11 4:00pm DT Trainer Overview(1hr)
  • Wed.  05/18 4:00pm Activity Trainer Overview(1hr)
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AES Releases 3 New and 8 Updated Reinforcers

AES is Releasing 3 NEW Reinforcers and 8 UPDATED Reinforcers in the DT Trainer

The Arts and Graphics category is a popular choice and can benefit a wide variety of individuals, from the early to advanced learners. The new Image Building “Coral Reef” reinforcer, allows the individual to choose the images they want to appear in the scene (e.g., background, plants, objects, and fish).

Activities\ArtAndGraphics\ImageBuilding\Coral Reef

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6 New DT Trainer Content Programs

We have 6 new DT Trainer content programs ready for download and more are nearing completion. Below is a list of the currently available new content programs. If you have requests for other new programs, please contact

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AES is Attending the 2011 ATIA Convention this Week in Orlando

AES, the creators of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer, will be exhibiting at the 2011 ATIA Conference ( in Orlando, FL January 26-29, 2011.

ATIA-Orlando Autism Conference

ATIA-Orlando Autism Conference

If you are attending the conference please stop by our booth (#207) to meet Karl Smith our Founder. We look forward to seeing you and hopefully showing you our products!

Best Wishes,
The AES Team

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