AES Released 34 New Flood Fill Coloring Pictures

AES is releasing 34 NEW pictures to choose from in “Flood Fill Coloring” in the DT Trainer.

“Flood Fill Coloring” is a popular choice and can benefit a wide variety of individuals, from the early to advanced learners. Flood Fill Coloring is not only rewarding for learners, but are also “skill builders”. Each level provides a developmental sequence for building motor skills and eye hand coordination, to allow progression from simpler versions to more advanced versions.

18 “new” Level 1 pictures in 2 new selection pages:
  • FloodFillColoring_L1-2 (9 images)
  • FloodFillColoring_L1-3 (9 images)
DT Trainer Flood Fill Coloring for Autism Education

Level 1 Flood Fill Coloring has eight big crayons and large coloring objects. The student will touch or click on a crayon and then “fill” in the picture.

16 “new” Level 2 pictures in one selection page
  • FloodFillColoring_L2-2
Flood Fill Coloring for Autism Students

With Level 1 or Level 2, the images are simple enough that the student can use a touch screen. As you progress the student to Level 2 and Level 3, the touchable area gets smaller, there are more colors to choose from, and the pictures become more detailed.

Select the “check for updates” from the DT Trainer Administrator. You will need to be in your update and support period to download the updates. If your updates and support has expired, contact AES for a quote for a “Continuation Bundle” giving you another year of updates and support.

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DT Trainer and Activity Trainer Justification Documents

Purchase Justification for Autism Software

If you are interested in ordering the DT Trainer or Activity Trainer, we have a purchase justification document to facilitate discussions, to provide information for justification forms, or as accompanying documentation for the justification process.

For each product, there are sections covering:

  • Problem Addressed
  • Key Features & Benefits
  • Educational Considerations
  • Budgetary Considerations
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Dr. Boyer – DT Trainer Works on Multiple Fronts.

Thank you from Autism Teacher

Have you ever had a students arrive in an ASD classroom cold, with no IEP, no paperwork, no meeting? This happened to me this fall. “Tim:” was easy to prejudge/stereotype. With his motor difficulties, minimal expressive language, and other medical conditions, one could make a premature classification as “low functioning.” Especially these days, when our district is giving us more students and fewer support staff, teachers, especially seasoned ones, might easily decide, “oh this child is like…(x)”

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Autism Software Company Impacts Over 1,000 School Districts

Autism Software Company in 1000+ School Districts

Columbia, SC – Accelerations Educational Software (AES), a developer of software programs for children with autism and other learning disorders, is pleased to announce its expansion into over 1,000 public school districts nationwide. AES has also been able to provide its autism software to nearly 300 private schools, thousands of homes and several foreign markets.

“Reaching one thousand school districts is an important milestone for us,” says Karl Smith, founder of AES and a father of child with autism.

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DT Trainer and Activity Trainer Site Licenses Available

Site Licenses Now Available for DT Trainer and Activity Trainer

AES is offering DT Trainer and Activity Trainer district wide special education site licenses. This gives you the most flexibility of use while minimizing costs. We count your previous license purchases toward your site license purchase so that it reduces the cost of upgrading. If you are not ready for the site license, you can still expand the classes where you are using the products and upgrade to the site license later.

Strained budgets are increasing student to teacher ratios, decreasing staff training, and causing other reduction in classroom resources. Both of our educational technologies very economically help maintain or increase services especially during this tough time.

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Come see us at 2010 Closing the Gap Conference

AES, the creators of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer, will be exhibiting at the 2010 Closing the Gap Conference ( in Minneapolis, MN October 21-23, 2010.

If you are attending the conference, please stop by our booth (#215) to check out the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer, and meet our founder Karl Smith.

We look forward to seeing you and hopefully showing you our products!

Best Wishes,
The AES Team

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AES Launches New Website with Comprehensive Support Section

Accelerations Educational Software, creators of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer, has launched a new and more informative website. Our focus when developing this new site was to give our customers and potential customers all the information they need, whether it be research or support.

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AES Announces a Change and Expansion in Senior Tech Support Staff

AES, the maker of the DT Trainer and Activity Trainer, announces a change and expansion of our senior tech support staff and an expansion of our live support hours now 7AM to 7PM EST.

For the last 7 years, Chris Jones has been the backbone of AES tech support staff. We have always had great feedback from our customers on the quality of service Chris provided. Chris is transitioning from full time for AES to a part time consultant so that he can start law school. Like many of our customers, we love Chris and will miss him being around every day, but look forward to his involvement in the continued growth and development of AES.

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Dr. Ivar Lovaas, Pioneer in the Treatment of Autism has Passed Away

Dr. Lovaas Pioneer for Autism

Dr. Ivar Lovaas has passed away. So many of us parents of children with autism have a deep gratitude and respect for this person that dedicated his life to making a difference for individuals with autism. Dr. Lovaas applied and proved that ABA methods were effective for individuals with autism. My own son was able to start learning at 2 ½ when we started using the ABA methods. Up to that point my son had been slipping further away in early intervention to the point he had no expressive or receptive language, his babbling had diminished to “mamamamamama…”, and he was becoming increasingly frustrated. We owe the life my son now has to this man who decided to make a difference.

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AES NEWS: Autism Software Company Experiences Steady Growth

As autism awareness month comes to a close, parents and educators in the autism community are continuing to push for better services, programs and treatments for their children. One company that is helping in their plight is South Carolina-based Accelerations Educational Software (AES), a software developer specializing in visual learning programs for children with autism and other related disorders.

Founded in 2000, AES has experienced consistent growth in recent years and is now impacting almost 1,000 school districts, 250 private schools and thousands of homes nationwide. The company also has its programs in several foreign markets. 

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