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Products – DT Trainer – Reinforcers

The DT Trainer is installed with hundreds of multimedia reinforcers to motivate the student. Reinforcers include basic cause and effect, games and interactive activities, stimulating visuals, music, animations, and movie clips. The program also allows you to add your own reinforcers such as movies, games, or even web pages. For example, it is easy to add a movie of a child doing a favorite activity. This reinforcer can be very powerful for a young or low functioning individual. The reinforcement rate is adjustable to provide the appropriate level of reinforcement, and the reinforcers can be changed periodically to keep the program interesting. Many of the cause and effect reinforcers can be used to build basic mouse or touch screen skills, and there is even a reinforce-only mode for very young children or very low functioning individuals to help build basic interactions with the computer. There is an impressive set of reinforcers already in the product, and AES is expanding the set to continue providing the most powerful reinforcement system available!

“Smart” Reinforcers!

These reinforcers are configurable for each student, and save the student’s progress between sessions of the reinforcer.

  • SuperBlinky: The student guides “Blinky” through over 20 levels in an attempt to collect all the gold coins.
  • SuperPop: The student must pop all the circles on the screen. The number and motion of the circles is increased with each level.
  • SuperPong: Just like the classic arcade game! The student controls a paddle and attempts to block the ball from leaving one side of the screen. With each level completed, the speed of the game is slightly increased.
superblinky - reinforcer for DT Trainer - Autism Software superpong - Autism Education with the DT Trainer superpop - Autism Help with DT Trainer
Activities – Arts and Graphics

Epicycloids, Flood Fill Coloring, Image Building (Flower Garden, Flower Bed, Outer Space, Rubber Stamp, The Desert), Paintbrush Coloring, Scribbling (B&W, Color)

epicycloids - Autism Software DT Trainer floodfillcoloring - Autistic Education with the DT Trainer rubberstamp - Autistic Children Help DT Trainer scribble - Fun for Autistic Children
Activities – Basic Cause/Effect

Animal Noises, Chase, Dancing Bees, Draw Bots, Eyes Chase Cursor, Eyes Track Cursor, Follower (I & II), Grid Block, Kaleidoscope, Liner, Lines, Mouse Music, Pops, Puff of Smoke, Quads, Space Flight, Sparkler, Triangles, UFO’s, U-Weave, Weave, Zen

drawbots - Autism Educational Software - DT Trainer follower2 - Special Needs Children Education puffofsmoke - DT Trainer for Children with Learning Disabilities
Activities – Intermediate Cause/Effect

Alien Invaders, Wave Play

alieninvaders - DT Trainer Help for Children with Learning Disabilities waveplay - Autism Education by DT Trainer
Activities – Basic Problem Solving

Boy Doll, Girl Doll, Christmas Tree, Veggie Head

boydoll Activities for Autistic Children
Activities – Controls

Circling Dots

Circling Dots - Fun Games for Autistic Children - DT Trainer
Activities – Eye-Hand Coordination

Circle Pop, Crazy Dots, Crazy Stars, Super Pop, Fireworks

crazystars - Hand-Eye Coordination for Autism
Activities – Games

Jigsaw Puzzles, Matching, Super Blinky, Super Pong, Whack-an-alien, Whack-a-spider

jigsawairplane - Games for Autistic Children matching games for children with autism on DT Trainer whack an alien game for children with autism whack a spider games for children with learning disabilities
Activities – Music

Player Piano (I & II)

player piano activity for autism education
Non-Interactive – High Stimulation

Crystal, Electric Mandala, SpyderWyre, Tubeulent, TwiStar, Whirlwinds

crystal exercise for children with autism tubeulent fun games for children with learning disabilities
Non-Interactive – Math Graphics


kaleidoscope - autism educational exercise
Non-Interactive – Tunnels

Dot Tunnel, Web Tunnel

webtunnel fun game for autism children
Non-Interactive – Miscellaneous

Dancing Trapezoids, MirroSphere

mirrosphere - help for autistic children
Sounds – Children’s Songs

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Billy Boy, Hay Diddle Diddle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

billyboy - Sign a longs for children with autism
Videos – Animation

Creatures, Explosions, EyeCandy, People, Space, Spinning, Terrains, Water Scenes

bugsday - fun videos for children with autism canyon - educational videos for children with autism flock - videos for autistic children
Videos – Movies

Animals, Sports, Transportation, Water, Weather

f18 take off - video for autism software storm video for children with autism using the DT Trainer team rowing video for DT Trainer - Autism Software train passing - video for the DT Trainer by AES